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With adaptive technology I’ve overcome my challenges with literacy, writing and spelling. The LDA-London Region has helped me advocate for adaptive technology with my employer. This has allowed me to thrive and be successful in my job.
— John (adult client)

About Learning Disabilities

Visit Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario for comprehensive information about learning disabilities, including definitions and resources.

What is a learning disability?

Learning disabilities (LDs) affect the way a person learns, remembers, understands and expresses information.  They affect specific areas of function and come in many forms with differing levels of severity. LDs interfere in obtaining and using important skills such as:

  • Oral Language (listening, speaking, understanding)

  • Reading (decoding, comprehension)

  • Written language (spelling, grammar, expression)

  • Mathematics (computation, problem solving)

Learning Disabilities are a neurological and a lifelong condition that affect people with otherwise average or above average intelligence. However, the effects of LDs may be expressed differently over time based on the individual and the demands of their environments.

Living with a Learning Disability

Individuals living with a learning disability are intelligent and have abilities to learn despite difficulties in processing information. But living with LDs can also have an ongoing impact on friendships, school, work and daily life.

For success, persons with LDs require specialized interventions in home, school, community and workplace settings appropriate to their individual strengths and needs. Tools such as Assistive Technology enhance learning and increase an individual’s self-reliance by allowing them to experience success while working independently. Assistive technologies can also create a love of learning in students who struggle with reading, writing, math, memory and organization by focusing on their abilities and preferred learning styles.

Assistive Technology access and training is one of the many ways the LDA – London Region helps individuals and families with LDs realize their potential on the path to success. Find out more about how we can help you succeed.

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