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LD in Adults

The following are commonly present in adults with LD:

  • Uneven or inconsistent performance
  • Slow speed of processing and responding
  • Difficulty reading and/or understanding what is read
  • Trouble remembering and following oral or written directions
  • Difficulty organizing and sequencing thoughts and ideas when speaking and/or writing
  • Poor short-term (working) memory and/or retrieval from long-term memory
  • Slow, awkward, immature handwriting
  • Difficulty with directionality and spatial concepts
  • Difficulty organizing belongings, time, tasks, or responsibilities
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Difficulty doing accurate mathematical calculations
  • Inappropriate or ineffective social interaction
  • Variation in moods or responsiveness
  • Difficulty focusing attention and/or initiating tasks and sustaining concentration
  • Difficulty transferring skills/knowledge from one setting to another
  • Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence
  • Anxious/fearful of new situations/different assignments


Teaching the LD Student

Good Things About LD Persons

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