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What is important for the future success of persons with LD?

Based on research, observations, and interviews, the following "keys" to success are given:

a. Understanding your learning disability and how it affects you

b. Knowing what your strengths are

c. Knowing what your difficulties are

d. Knowing what coping strategies to use and what accommodations you need

e. Taking charge of your own life

f. Having a positive attitude

g. Knowing how to advocate for yourself

h. Being willing to work hard

i. Reading often

j. Having a mentor or friend who gives you unconditional support


My child has been diagnosed with a learning disability--what now?

Where can I get an assessment to diagnose a learning disability and how much does it cost?

What is assistive/adaptive technology and how can it help?

What supports are available for secondary school students

Should medication be used to treat AD/HD?

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