Welcome to our new site

Our brand new website has been a long time coming after our previous, text-heavy version existed for far too long! We are extremely happy to launch our new site with the generous resources and assistance from both the Ontario Trillium Foundation & Sagecomm. The site has been designed to highlight our current programs and services but mostly to link you back to the agency for direct supports by our staff team. We will also use the website as a tool to share educational workshops, special events and collaborative projects we’re involved in across our region. Lastly, our new site will allow us the functionality to begin investing in social media to benefit our client population, community supporters and donor partners.

We’ve adopted a website slogan, “Right Path. Right Tools. Bright Future.” We envision a bright future and great potential for all those with learning disabilities and ADHD. We will strive to provide guidance and advice that will allow you to choose the best ‘paths’. We will offer programming to ensure students gain the techniques, strategies and technology awareness as required ‘tools’ for success. And we will partner alongside families and individuals in the lifelong journey of managing learning disabilities toward a ‘bright future’.