Assistive Technology Workshops for Parents

LDA - London Region is offering Assistive Technology training for parents. The four day workshops will be offered at different locations. The registration and training is FREE, however we have limited spaces - 16 spaces for each workshop. To register contact Scott MacDonald at (519) 438-6213 ext.26 or

LDA - LR's New Resource Coordinator

LDA - London Region is pleased to announce that as of February 2, 2016, Scott MacDonald will be our new part-time Resource Coordinator. Those who are taking part in the Saturday programs will know Scott as the Program Assistant. Scott comes to us with a BA – Major in Sociology from Western University, with additional education in Special Ed, as well as teaching experience through the Thames Valley District School Board. His new duties will include helping parents through the Individual Education Plans (IEP) and the Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process as necessary. He will continue hours on Saturdays, as well as evening hours to be as accessible as possible to parents and adults in community. Welcome Scott!

PIKE's "Peak Week" Donation

From October 17 to 24, a week-long competition between the fraternities and sororities took place on the Western campus. The Peak Week challenge included a 50/50 raffle, scavenger hunt, dodge-ball tournament, and many more fun activities. Over $4,100 was raised, which will be used by LDA - London Region to provide programs for kids with learning disabilities. Our thanks to all the men and women at Western who helped make this happen.

Vitor DeOliveira, Pi Kappa Alpha Philanthropy Chair, holds an envelope with the donations from "Peak Week"

LDA Programs - Winter 2016

Registration for Winter 2016 programming is officially open. For registration forms, please contact our Program Coordinator, Kathie Chute @ (519) 438-6213, x24 or

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month 2015

LD Awareness Month - October 2015
“Don’t Dis my Ability”   Making the invisible Visible!

Throughout October the Learning Disabilities Associations of Ontario will be marking LD Awareness month. This month is about raising awareness and reducing stigma to allow people to get the supports they need to reach their potential.

“People too often define the life of someone living with Learning Disabilities by the areas where their LDs impact directly, such as math, reading, writing or organizational skills,” said Lawrence Barns President and CEO of LDAO. “The goal of this campaign is for people to see beyond that to their multiple areas of strength. LDs didn’t stop Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver or John Lennon.  A person with LDs just needs the right supports to achieve success.”

The Stats
 1 In 10 people in Ontario are impacted
• 35% ff students with LDs drop out of school
• 62% of students with LDs will be unemployed a year after graduation
• 36% of youth in correctional facilities have specific learning disabilities
• Almost 50% of adolescent suicides have a diagnosis of an LD      
(Source - LDAC Pacfold survey)

Together we can change this!
However if society helps them to succeed, all of the above statistics can be radically altered, leading to successful lives that can impact our communities for the better andpeople with learning disabilities can become among the most creative and productive members of our communities.

About the Campaign:
The greatest hurdle a person with an LD often has to overcome is the stigma and public perception, labelled lazy, stupid or incompetent. They begin to hide their disability and instead struggle in silence. Yet with their strengths and above average intelligence some simple support can see them excel in their chosen field. Our hope is to see Ontario as the leader in destroying the barriers stigma creates.

More about Learning Disabilities:
• By definition someone with LDs has average to above average intelligence
• LDs impact certain skills, most of which can be improved with the right supports
• Because LDs usually exhibit in the school system, those with LDs can be identified early in life, and early intervention improves confidence
• When they don’t receive appropriate support, individuals with LDs have higher than the average rates of school dropout, unemployment and poverty
• LDs can be inherited and many parents are now finding they have been impacted in their lives as their children are diagnosed
Dyslexia: Difficulties with oral and/or written language, i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing
Dysgraphia: Difficulties with writing legibly with age-appropriate speed, and with written expression
Dyscalculia: Difficulties with basic math skills, calculating, and math problem-solving
Executive Function:  A set of mental processes that helps connect past experience with present action. People use it to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space.

New Leadership and Learning Breakfast Video and Photo Album

We were pleased to welcome 250 guests to our first annual Leadership and Learning Breakfast at the Best Western Lamplighter featuring keynote speaker Gemini Award winning actor and comic Patrick McKenna.  Patrick delivered a passionate and indepth account of his journey living with ADHD in an effort to raise awareness and reduce stigma. 

Friend of LDA LR John Dyson of TD Canada Trust addressed the audience to share his LD Warrior story and student Cassidy took to the stage to speak about her experience at LDA LR summer camp.  

Linda Leja, the Auctionista launched our live auction to inspire our guests to give and celebrate.  Linda encouraged guests in a high energy interactive auction format raising funds to support 39 children to attend summer camp.

View our breakfast highlights here:  

We are humbled by the generosity of the donors, sponsors, volunteers and individuals like you who made this possible. Please accept our gratitude for your invaluable contribution to our event. We hope to see you again next year in April at our 2nd Annual Leadership and Learning Breakfast.

Please follow the link to LDA - LR's Facebook page to view some amazing moments captured at the breakfast.

Leadership & Learning Breakfast 2015

Please join us on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at the 1st annual Leadership and Learning Breakfast hosted by the Learning Disabilities Association of London Region.
Our keynote speaker, Gemini Award winning actor & comedian Patrick McKenna will share his inspiring personal journey and why developing his transformative documentary ADD & Loving It?! was so rewarding!

Registration will start at 7:00 a.m.
Breakfast promptly served at 7:30 a.m.
Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre
591 Wellington Rd., London, ON
Crystal Ballroom

Funds raised at the Breakfast will go in support of launching the innovative Reading Rocks literacy program in London. Reading Rocks goes above building student confidence and the impact is equivalent to increasing the reading grade two levels! Leaders at the Research Institute for Learning Differences have documented evidence it delivers measureable results!

Leadership & Learning Breakfast 2015