I have been at LDA - London Region for 3 years now and I have improved immensely. I was always the kid that struggled with school work and received 50’s-60’s with a few of 70’s. After all this progress, I am now earning grades that range between 70’s and 90’s. I have learned new study strategies, I’ve improved my writing skills and I have a better understanding of math concepts thanks to tutoring services here at LDA. I feel more confident in my learning.
— Student in grade 10

At LDA London Region, we don’t want our fees to act as a barrier to any family registering for our programs. Please contact our Program Coordinator to inquire about subsidized rates or to organize a payment plan arrangement that would be best for your family.

To register for any of the following programs below, please click on applicable button to access the registration form. Please fill out the form, save it to your computer and email to our Program Coordinator, Kate Chute at k.chute@ldalondon.ca.

Students in our programs will have access to Assistive Technology
including software, web-based and enhanced learning technologies.


Spring/summer Program Registration is now open.

To register for summer Camps please go to summer camp info page where you will find online registration forms.


Program Overview - Spring/Summer 2019


One-to-ONe academing tutoring – GRADES 3-12

Offered in Fall & Winter
Students are matched with a tutor for a 90-minute individualized sessions over a 10-week time frame. Parents and students will be consulted on an action plan for the tutoring sessions. Tutors will assist with homework, subjects and integrating skills/strategies that students need to practice in working toward improving their grades and competencies. 




Executive Functioning Tutoring – GRADES 4-12

Offered in Fall & Winter
This program is designed for students to address learning strategies that are helpful for those with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. Weekly topics in this program include: understanding how we each individually learn (learning styles and our best working environment, organization and time management, memory strategies, working independently, attention and focus, note taking, research, project planning/organization, studying techniques, and
goal setting. This program is a combination of 50% learning and 50% activity-based to reinforce skills learned throughout the program.



moving up math Tutoring – grades 4-8

Offered in Fall & Winter
This individualized program is designed to increase confidence in math skills resulting in higher academic achievement. Staff/tutors present the Ontario Math curriculum through a variety of games, activities and lessons that will allow each student to explore, practice, apply and extend math skills and concepts at a self-paced format. This program includes 80% one-on-one tutoring on specific skills assisted by online diagnostics and targeted online practice. The other 20% consists of explicit group instruction on key concepts/strategies. Pre-Assessment and online diagnostics to customize each student's program are part of this offering. Students will have an opportunity to continue to practice skills at home using an online tool.



YUP! (Youth Upwards Program!) – GRADES 9-12

Offered late Fall into Winter
Student preparation through planning, research and good choices can go far in reaching long-term goals. Areas covered in this group-facilitated program include: identifying strengths, needs, transferrable skills, learning styles, working environment, self-advocacy, understanding their IEP accommodations and supports, goal setting and planning strategically for the future; whether it be post-secondary education, apprenticeship or working. This program is 80% mentor facilitated and 20% group instruction. Guest speakers are planned to share important resources for both youth and their parents.



Leap to Literacy – Grades 4-8

Offered in Fall & Winter
This program is an individualized literacy program for children struggling with literacy skills. This program is a combination of 80% one-on-one tutoring and 20% large group instruction on new literacy skills. There is also an at home online literacy tool. This program will focus on
(gr. 4-6) phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and writing responses to reading; (gr. 7-8) fluency, grammar, comprehension, word study and writing responses to reading. Technology will be integrated using graphic organizers, reading and writing software with the
use of Chromebooks.

write-A-Way with Google Read and Write – Grades 4-8

Offered in Spring
This program will offer the steps to the writing process such as brainstorming techniques, use of graphic organizers and framed paragraphs to plan, revise and write paragraphs on high interest topics.

Students will be using Google Read and Write for all writing activities. Students who are registered must have working knowledge with the Google Read and Write platform and they should also be able to work independently.

younique Club – Grades 5-8

Offered in Spring
The YOUnique Club will engage both girls and boys between grades 5 to 8 over a four week period through fun weekly activities and discussions. The discussions of the week will include topics of relationship/friendships, stress, and self-esteem. This club will help to build up confidence, self-esteem, friendships and help reduce stress levels.