Parent Comments

  • We have a larger goal and increased knowledge, awareness and are better suited to advocate. 
  • He is much more confident with his computer skills. This has enhanced his work and projects. Exposure to new and different programs that may help his learning/expression was very useful as his school does not provide any resources but welcomes all suggestions.
  • I feel like he is better equipped to use the technology. It helps decrease the stress of learning all the new technology. Thanks for your help. He really had a great time.
  • Improvement in my child’s attitude towards school work with less resistance. In fact she is now excited about school projects because of her new tools at her disposal. 
  • Our daughter’s confidence in her abilities increased. Her comment was, “Mom, I got it when the teacher explained the lesson. Others didn’t get it, but I did! I thought I must have been wrong, but I wasn’t!”
  • My son’s frustration tolerance has improved significantly. His tutor has made learning fun which improved his confidence.
  • LDA London Region has shown my son that it is okay to learn in a different way. He is more accepting of himself and more confident in speaking up for himself. 
  • We have been very pleased with LDA London Region. Our daughter developed a lovely relationship with her tutor which had further developed her self-confidence and the ability to work through some of her math challenges.
  • Could not see us getting through the school year without the assistance of LDA and our tutor.
  • Our daughter has greatly benefited from her tutoring sessions. Her marks have improved and she is doing much better in school. I believe that our tutor has been a positive influence on her and has helped her improve her understanding of math concepts that have been difficult for her. Thank You!
  • My son shared that he likes coming to tutoring because “my tutor gets me”. As a parent that was just as important as the help with school work. 
  • He has the highest mark in his science class. This is something he is very proud of. He’s learned to advocate for himself by asking for additional clarifications or info if he doesn’t understand things. The programs offered at LDA continue to be top quality. The unique approach to helping the students get to the heart of their challenges and assisting them with coping strategies or way to overcome them is superb. 
  • Our son has come a long way with his tutor. You can see where tutoring has helped him in school. He is very proud of what he can do. You have amazing programs for both children and parents to help on their journey. Very helpful staff to answer any questions you have. We greatly appreciate having this program in the community.
  • Our daughter has the same teacher as last year. She commented on her increased maturity with challenging school work. She is less frustrated and less overwhelmed. She has a better awareness of her strengths and needs. She is more willing to give it a try before asking for help. This program has been amazing in supporting her in school. Thank you so much!
  • LDA went above and beyond to find a tutor with knowledge/interest in my sons particular disability and learning his struggles. He enjoyed interacting with his tutor and learned from him in a fun environment.


Student comments

What did you learn the most from being at LDA London Region for Programs?

  • It helped by showing me how to see things visually and now it’s easier to see the steps in my head.
  • Learning steps for solving problems.
  • I learned lots of new math skills and ways to solve problems. I think my math has improved a huge amount. I had lots of fun!
  • Getting homework done, studying for tests and seeing my tutor every week.
  • Learning new strategies to complete my homework.
  • I feel more confident with mental math skill. It has also helped me think of ways to plan writing pieces. I also liked practicing grammar rules using worksheets.


Volunteer Team Comments

Do you believe that your student has shown progress throughout the tutoring program?

  • My student has become more open and independent. He has also shown growth through his improved ability to contribute his own ideas/opinions.
  • She gained a great amount of confidence. She is more willing to try activities and questions that previously would have intimidated her.
  • My student has greatly improved not only in her academics but more importantly in the confidence of her answers.
  • My student has learned to be more focused and enthusiastic toward homework. He has also improved understanding of important concepts of his subjects at school.

Please comment on the greatest improvements and/or success you have seen throughout the program with your student. Provide a specific example if possible.

  • My student has mostly improved in his confidence & ability to tackle difficult problems. For example, early on in the program he would not even attempt difficult looking problems; by the end he would accept the challenge and work through them step by step with some help.
  • The greatest improvement that I have seen is my student looking forward to learning new things. Before my student did not want to go to tutoring but through this program he looks forward to coming and working.
  • Her ability to colour code to organize points from ideas/arguments for an essay.
  • My student improved the most in his proficiency in math. He is much better at understanding what to do to answer multiplication and subtraction problems which he struggled with at the beginning of the sessions. He is able to break down large numbers in problems to make them easier to deal with.